Nori Lights v.2 - Complete 2 Wheel System

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The Nori Lights v.2 System consists of a set of 4 activating pods and 30 feet (7.5 feet for each side of two wheels) of our amazing Nori Light Stripes.

The pods easily mount onto the front and rear forks and align with the Nori Light Stripes, which get mounted to the side of the rim of each wheel.

As the wheel rotates, the Nori Light Stripes continuously pass by the pods which provide wireless power to the Nori Light Stripes, instantly light up creating an unbelievably bright and solid ring of light emitting from both sides of both wheels.

It's absolutely stunning to see in person.

Wireless - Each pod contains its power supply (2x 2032 coin cell batteries, provide over 80 hours of run-time)

Rechargeable Option - Compatible with rechargeable batteries (comes standard with non-rechargeable batteries)

Anti-Theft - Pods can be removed easily to take with you

Sleek New Compact Design

Water Resistant - Wrapped in a durable premium quality silicone body

One Step Installation (Pods) - Self Mounting Design (No need for zip-ties)

Pods Can Easily Be Used On Multiple Bikes

4 Setting Modes - On (Constant), Slow Tracers (Strobe), Fast Tracers (Strobe), Off

Easy Access to Concealed On/Off switch

Fully Enclosed LEDs

Durable Black Silicone

And More...

We include everything you need to setup, and this new design is super easy to install.

Each Nori Lights System includes:

  • - 4x Wireless Activating Pods;
  • - CR2032 coin cell batteries (over 80 hours of run time)
  • - 10 meters of our special Nori Light Stripes (7.5 feet for each side of both wheels); 
  • - 4x Alcohol Wipes (to clean your rims before applying the Nori Light Stripes); 
  • - Info sheet with easy setup guide and tips

Refer to your local laws and regulations prior to use on the road.

“i just wanted to say a massive thank you as i have received the Nori Light kit and have just finished fitting it to my Biomega singlespeed bike. Wow, what can i say but WOW! It truly is amazing in the flesh and when i tried the bike outside just now where it is really dark i felt light i was riding a light cycle straight out of Tron. My brother saw it and was blown away, he wants a set now… I wish you all the very best for the future with NoriLights as it is an innovative, fantastic product and i will be more than likely making a repeat purchase for my brothers birthday.” -James C.

"Just got our Nori Lights today!! SO excited they are super AWESOME. I couldn't wait to see them in action. SO I went out in my jammies to try them out just now!!! Of course my neighbor was outside!!! EEK! We did a comparison on a cheaper brand, you can see the HUGE difference on my Husbands bike... You pay for what you get that's for sure!! Love Chris, he has been awesome with communications when ever I had a question!! Highly recommend these for my fellow riders!" - Vanessa L.

"I got my Nori Lights in the mail yesterday! I immediately installed them and took a joyride around Chicago last night. The response was incredible! Every stop light, I had someone asking me where I got my lights. Drivers, passengers, pedestrians and other bikers!... I probably yelled "Nori Lights" over a dozen times last night... I love them!! :)
Thanks a bunch!" -Sara Kay

“Use the lights now for some time and its brilliant, lots of ohhhh's, ahhhhh's and cool's from people i pass.” –Lennart V.

“My NoriLights arrived today! I couldn't be happier with them. They are a great product.” -Joseph R.

About Us

Thank you for visiting our shop. My name is Chris Flynn, the creator of the Nori Lights. I got the idea in 2011 when a driver almost hit me while I was riding my bike home at night. The driver was coming at me from the side and never saw my front or rear facing light. 

I posted a short video of the first prototype on youtube, and it started getting a lot of views. Many viewers contacted me asking where they could get a kit, so I began refining the design to create an easier, cleaner install.


If you have any questions regarding the Nori Lights, or any of the products offered on our site, please feel free to contact me. I'm happy to do whatever I can to help.

Right now, the Nori Lights staff consists of just my wife and myself. I try to reply to all of the emails we get as promptly as I can. But if you don't get a response right away, or if it's urgent to you, then it's urgent to me as well, so please feel free to call me on my cell phone. 858-444-6295


Again, thank you for your interest in the Nori Lights and for visiting Please be safe while riding.

Chris Flynn
Nori Lights