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Awesome Customer Videos

Awesome Customer Videos

We've received some great videos from some of our customers. Take a look below, and please send us photos or videos of your Nori Lights!

Check out this awesome video made by two of our customers Lars & Agnes!


This video was sent to us by our customer, David, from Kenosha, WI.

This next video was sent to us by Robert in San Diego.


Our customer, Alex, sent us this next video...


We've received many more videos from our...

Nori Lights vs Spoke Lights [VIDEO]

Nori Lights vs Spoke Lights [VIDEO]

I've noticed a few comments on our youtube videos where people seem to be confused and compare the Nori Lights to those spoke mounted lights.  Check out this video demonstration that shows them side by side. Post your comments and let me know what you think! Thanks!


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Place your order on and your Nori Lights will typically ship out within one - three business days! 

We know how excited you are to get your Nori Lights, and we've teamed up with a top-notch international fulfillment service to get your Nori Lights to you as fast as possible.

But that's not all... we've also added new shipping service options and new low cost rates on US and International orders!

No matter which shipping service you choose, all Nori Lights orders will typically ship out within one - three business days. 

Mind blowing night ride with Alex Cazares & Nori Lights (Video)

Check out the latest video featuring the Nori Lights. Alex Cazares pulls off some amazing tricks in this video, shot last Saturday in Downtown San Diego and at the skate park in Ocean Beach. 

I had the pleasure of taking photos and recording video of Alex tearing it up with his new Nori Lights. I have to say, it's amazing to see someone with his skill level and dedication, but Alex went above and beyond by ripping through the Ocean Beach skate park - at night!  

I can't even describe how insanely dark it was and all I could...



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