“Infinity-Mirror” Custom Tail Lights (Set of 4)

“Infinity-Mirror” Custom Tail Lights (Set of 4)

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Infinity-Mirror Tail Lights create the illusion of an infinite tunnel of light. 
This item includes a complete set of modified tail lights (currently only available for 2010-2013 Chevy Camaro's. Contact us to request additional make/model.)

We also offer a "Conversion Service" that allows for our customers to send us their existing or extra set of tail lights and we will convert them to infinity mirror style, and ship them back. This basically is for those that already have an existing or spare set of tail light housings and would us to modify them. To choose this Conversion service, select it from the Options drop down menu.

These Tail Lights are made using standard stock tail lights and then they are modified by hand and then reassembled to create this stunning effect. 

Easy to Install/Seamless Integration

The connections on the back of the tail light fit seamlessly into the stock connectors, allowing for fast and easy installation without requiring adapters or soldering. These are simply "plug and play" replacements for your stock tail lights. 

If you choose to include the optional inline resistors with your order, they will be wired to the tail light assembly for you, and a pair of self tapping screws will be included for you to easily mount the resistors behind the tail light housing. 

Quality Assurance:

The lights are professionally assembled and retain all functions of the stock lights including running lights, braking, and turn signals. 

Only the highest quality materials are used in creating this modification. The LED's are premium automotive grade LED strips. They are extremely bright and clearly visible in direct sunlight. 

Only high grade precision optics are used in the assembly, optimizing the effect and ensuring long lasting results.

Prior to shipping out, each light is inspected and thoroughly tested for electrical integrity, and visual effect. 

Please note that the process for installing our optical components requires the tail light housing to be cut open. Upon completion each housing is reassembled and sealed.

Tinted Lens

During the reassembly of each light, the red lens is tinted to appear darker when the tail lights are off. This creates a more discreet appearance to the look of the vehicle when it is not running. However this is optional and can be deselected using the drop down menu, and choosing " No Tint". Even with the tint applied, the tail lights still emit a bright red light when powered on. This should comply with most state laws. But it is the buyers responsibility before purchasing to check the requirements and limitations of their local laws relating to vehicle lighting. And then customize the order accordingly. 

Inline Resistor (Default/Optional)

Note: LED's are known to have much lower electrical resistance when compared to standard factory tail light bulbs. Your car is equipped to detect when a standard light bulb has burnt out and needs to be replaced. It alerts the driver by causing the appearance of a faster blinking signal light on the dashboard. This is triggered by the detection of a decreased electrical resistance from the burnt out bulb.

When installing LED tail lights, the reduced resistance triggers this alert in the car, causing the turn signals to blink faster than normal and usually a message/alert can be seen on the dashboard until the turn signal is deactivated. This will not affect the performance or reliability of the LED tail lights, other than making them blink faster. To avoid this, an inline resistor is installed inside the tail light housing. However, this is optional and can be omitted from the modification assembly if desired. If you already  have inline LED resistors installed, or you simply want to reduce the cost and do not mind the faster blinking signal lights, you can select the drop down option to not include these resistors in your order.

Processing/Assembly Time:

At this time, each set is made to order. Due to the current volume of orders, please allow for 2-3 weeks for processing and assembly.  All purchases are fulfilled in the order they are received. We do not accept rush orders.

Buyer is responsible for checking local laws regarding vehicle lighting requirements, restrictions and limitations.



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