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Nori Lights gift cards are the coolest way to let someone know you care. And give yourself the gift of huge savings!

Star Cards

The special Nori Lights "Star Card" is redeemable for one complete Nori Lights kit at a heavily discounted price. 

 The “Star Card” also include free shipping. There is a separate “Star Card” for US orders and for international orders. Be sure you select the right one.

 Star cards are only offered for a short time, so don’t delay. Get your holiday gift shopping done now, and gift yourself huge savings!

Gifts For The Homeless - Donation Towards Purchasing Gifts

We are taking 100% of all sales made through from Dec 15th - 20th and we are using that money to buy presents for the homeless. If you would like to join us in the celebrating the joy of giving without purchasing a Nori Lights kit, you can do so with the Gifts For The Homeless gift card. We will use 100% of the purchase price to go directly towards the purchase of gifts. 

This is our third year doing this event. Just like the previous years, the gift giving will take part on Dcember 22nd and on the morning of December 25th, a video will be emailed to all of those that made a purchase between Dec 15-20th so that they may see the joy their contributions made and join us in celebrating the gift of giving. 

The video will also be uploaded to Youtube and on our Facebook page for everyone to enjoy.

Here are a few videos from the previous years gifting events.


Happy Holidays,

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