Nori Lights Illuminated Hoodie - Internal Glow - Super Bright Glow in the Dark Hooded Sweatshirt

$ 199.99

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The Nori Lights hoodie is designed to illuminate from the inside. No batteries needed. Completely safe material. Can be charged indefinitely, and will light up just as bright next year as it does on day one.

The sweatshirt is extremely comfortable and soft. The effect is very cool, and not overly flashy. 

The glow material lining the inside is very soft, and can be fully charged instantly by sun light, black light, and most flashlights, and will even get a subtle charge from ambient indoor lights.

Utilizing our ground breaking Nori Lights glow in the dark technology, and maintaining our simplistic and universally appealing design style, this offers an effect that is truly unique.

All materials are fully washable, and made to last 
80% Cotton, 20% Poly

The hoody may take up to 2-5 days before it ships out. 



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