Custom Electric Longboard - Build Your Own Board

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Nori Boards - BYOB
Build Your Own Board!

Select the options and features that you want and build your dream electric skateboard!

All Nori Boards are assembled one at a time, by hand in San Diego, CA. Nori Boards are not mass produced. We give every board the special attention they deserve to ensure each board is of the highest quality.

Our baseline board start at $799 and features a top speed of  22 miles an hour with a range of 16 miles.

My goal is to provide my customers with a board that is going to fulfill all their requirements and exceed their expectations.

Probably the biggest benefit my boards offer over other boards is that the system can be configured/adjusted to the riders skill/comfort level. 


The heart of all Nori Boards is a premium motor controller created by Benjamin Vedder, called the VESC (Vedder Electronic Speed Controller). It's very robust and is completely open source, so all the settings can be adjusted on a computer or (optionally) by using an app on your smart phone. When configuring, the VESC is capable of detecting the parameters of any motor. This allows the system to be fully optimized for increased control, unleashed performance and remarkable efficiency.


Custom Electric Skateboard Options/Features:

Blacked-Out Freestyle Concave Drop-down Deck

Hardshell Enclosure

Anti Spark Switch (on/off button)

Nunchuck Remote

Modified Nunchuck Receiver

Dual Motor (2000 watts)

Gullwing double kingpin trucks with dual motor mounts

90mm longboard wheels (black)

Black Grip tape

Dual VESC motor controllers

Wire connectors for bridging dual VESC's

2x 3 piece motor wire adapters (6 piece total)

80a 6S4P LG dual motor battery (UL certified)

25v 2a Battery charger

2x AAA batteries for nunchuck remote

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