50% of all Sales goes to Purchasing Holiday Gifts for the Homeless

PLEASE share this everywhere and with everyone!

Today and tomorrow (December 16-17), 50% of all sales on NoriLights.com will go directly to buying Christmas presents for homeless kids and adults.

I have also added an option for placing donations towards this cause on our site. From the donations received, 100% will go directly to buying gifts for those who could really use a reason to smile.


We have all been at a point in our lives where we just needed a break, or something to remind us that we can all make the world a little easier for each other, and that people do care. Help us make this holiday a little better for those that are struggling.

I will be posting videos of the gift giving on facebook, so that each of you can share in the joy of giving someone a reason to smile.

This is a great opportunity to order last minute Christmas gifts for family members and friends that you think would enjoy a set of Nori Lights, and also contribute to this effort in spreading some unexpected joy.

Last year, just after the holidays I saw the video below on youtube, which is what made me want to do this.


Thank you everybody.

Happy Holidays.

Chris and Shanta 

The Nori Lights Team

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That’s WONDERFUL!!!!


That’s WONDERFUL!!!!


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