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Nori Lights

2010-2013 Camaro Infinity Nori Tail Lights (Set of 4)

2010-2013 Camaro Infinity Nori Tail Lights (Set of 4)

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LED Load Resistors

Nori Lights Infinity FX Tail Lights create the illusion of an infinite tunnel of light. 

This item is for the 2010-2013 Camaro.

We also offer Infinity FX DRL/fog lights, which are compatible with over 70 makes/models. Click here for more info.

(Contact us to request additional make/models.)

Above: Popular Youtuber and car enthusiast, Kayla Rundle, installs and reviews her Nori Lights Custom Infinity FX Lights.

Nori Lights Custom Infinity FX Tail Lights feature an optical assembly that has been uniquely designed and refined to optimize visual aesthetics and visibility. Every unit is assembled from scratch, by hand and held to high production quality standards. 

The optics are then installed inside a custom housing which we designed based on the factory tail light housings to allow for a seamless fit and easy installation. 

In addition, our unique tinted colorless lenses are also cut and formed by hand. The lenses are made from a special tinted scratch-resistant acrylic. We do not use a film or adhesive layer, as they tend to reduce clarity and are prone to scratching or peeling. These premium lenses will NOT haze or yellow from sunlight. 

After the optics are assembled, the light is thoroughly tested then installed into their housings. Finally, the lenses are then sealed on to the housings. 

If you have any questions, you can reach me directly by using the little chat icon in the lower right corner of your screen. I try to be available to reply immediately. If I’m away from my desk I’ll reply as soon as possible (typically just a couple minutes at most). I welcome all constructive feedback and requests, and am happy to answer any questions you may have. Thank you. -Chris 


The connections on the back of the tail light fit seamlessly into the stock connectors, allowing for fast and easy installation without requiring adapters or soldering. These are simply "plug and play" replacements for your stock tail lights. 

The electrical connectors that Chevy uses can strangely be connected upside down. If any one or more of the tail lights are connected with the plug inverted, the lights will appear to not be functioning correctly. And it can be difficult to figure out which light it is. For this reason, it's best to simply connect one light at a time and confirm it is operating as it should before installing the next light.

LED Load Resistors

(If your Camaro came with factory installed LED tail lights, or you currently have LED tail lights installed, you likely do not need to purchase additional LED load resistors.)

I now offer an upgraded version of the load resistors. If you select the option to include the resistors with your purchase, they will come with connectors to plug inline easily with your tail lights. All you will need to do is mount the resistor to a metal surface behind the tail light and plug the open connector into the stock tail light socket which your old tail lights are currently connected to. 

I also offer free phone support to all of my customers if you have any questions at any time.

If you're installing your lights with the LED Load Resistors, please follow these steps to ensure correct installation:
1) Do not connect the resistors right away. Temporarily set them aside for now.
2) Install the tail lights first one at a time, ensuring each light is plugged in correctly before installing the next light.
3) When all four lights are connected and are working correctly, then mount each resistor to the metal surface behind the tail lights. Make sure they are mounted in a spot where the cables will have enough length to able to plug inline with the tail lights, but do not connect them yet. It is essential that the resistors are mounted to a metal surface and that they are not insulated from the metal surface (do not use 2 sided mounting tape). Small self tapping screws are best.
4) Connect each resistor one at a time by first disconnecting the tail light and then plugging the resistors connectors in between the socket from the car and the plug on the tail lights. Be mindful of the black wire. The connectors should be oriented so that the black wire always connects to the black wire. Once connected, when the light is on the resistors get very very hot (like burning hot) quite quickly, so be careful to not burn your hands. Confirm that all 4 tail lights are still operating as they should be before connecting the next resistor. If you notice any of the 4 tail lights are not behaving how they were before you installed the resistor, this likely indicates that one of the two connectors on the resistor is inverted. Try disconnecting the resistor and rotating the connector 180 degrees. Again, check that the black wire of the connector is inline with the black wire on the socket.

If you have any questions, please feel free to call me. I'll be happy to help. My direct cell phone is included in your order confirmation email, and just about every email sent from Nori Lights.

Why would I want to include LED Load Resistors?

LED's have a much lower electrical resistance when compared to standard factory tail light bulbs. Your car is equipped to detect when a standard light bulb has burnt out and needs to be replaced. It alerts the driver by causing the appearance of a faster blinking signal light and an alert message on the dashboard. This is triggered by the detection of a decreased electrical resistance from the “burnt out” bulb. The electrical resistance of LED lights is so low that the system doesn’t register any measurement and assumes the bulb is burnt, even though the LED lights are functioning properly. 

This will not affect the performance or reliability of the LED tail lights, other than making them blink faster. To avoid this, an inline resistor is installed near the tail light housing. However, this is optional. If you already  have inline LED resistors installed, or you simply want to reduce the cost and do not mind the faster blinking signal lights, you can select the drop down option to not include these resistors in your order.

The lights retain all functions of the stock lights including running lights, braking, and turn signals. 

The highest quality materials are used in creating this modification. The LED's are premium automotive grade LED strips. They are extremely bright and clearly visible in direct sunlight. 

Nori Lights Infinity Mirror style tail lights feature high grade precision optics in the assembly, optimizing the effect and ensuring long lasting results.

Prior to shipping out, each light is inspected and thoroughly tested for electrical integrity, and visual effect. 

Note: This work is all done by hand and upon receiving the lights, close inspection may reveal some minor blemishes, seams, adhesive beading, etc.  These occurrences are normal and are not visible once the lights are installed

At this time, each set is made to order. Each set of tail lights is made of over 130 pieces, and each piece is hand made. The assembly process takes time and I currently have a list of active orders that I am working to fulfill. For an estimated processing time for new orders, please contact me using the chat feature in the bottom corner of this site.  All purchases are fulfilled in the order they are received. I do not accept rush orders.


I also offer the front DRL (Daytime Running Lights)/Fog Lights. Our Infinity FX Fog/DRL's are stunning and are compatible with over 70 makes/models. Check them out here.

Buyer is responsible for checking local laws regarding vehicle lighting requirements, restrictions and limitations.

Tinted Lens & Street Use

These tail lights are designed for aesthetic appeal and in some ways differ from the the stock appearance even when the vehicle is off. The rear tail lenses are not red, but instead they are clear (colorless) and tinted. The only time they appear red is when the running lights are on or when braking or turn signalling. The LEDs used to created these are the brightest automotive grade red LEDs on the market. These tail lights feature a unique, patent pending design that greatly improves the field of view over the stock tail lights. Still, Nori Lights and it's agents/representatives make no guarantee as to the conformity to your local state laws. Therefor it is the buyers responsibility before purchasing to check the requirements and limitations of their local laws relating to vehicle lighting and on/off road use and until confirming compliance Buyer accepts/assumes these are for off-road use only. By purchasing, Buyer agrees Nori Lights and its agents/representatives carry no liability of accident, injury, or harm to the buyer or others for any reason and by purchasing buyer agrees that all use is at their own risk.

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