2017 Gift Giving Event

Thank you to everyone who made a purchase during this event. 100% of sales generated that week went directly towards purchasing gifts for the homeless. Thank you for making this event possible. -Chris Flynn Nori Lights

2017 Gifts for the Homeless Event!

100% of sales placed through NoriLights.com between Dec 15th - 20th will be used to purchase gifts for the homeless this holiday season.  We are taking 100% of all sales made through NoriLights.com from Dec 15th - 20th and we are using that money to buy presents for the homeless. Please join us in the celebrating the joy of giving without purchasing a Nori Lights kit, you can do so with the Gifts For The Homeless gift card. Again, we will use 100% of the purchase price to go directly towards ...

Nori Lights Gift Cards

New Nori Lights Gift Cards - Star Cards include the cost of shipping, making it the perfect gift for those you care about.

50% of all sales between Dec 14th-18th used to give gifts to the homeless

It's time for the 3rd annual Gifts for the Homeless event! Everybody deserves to unwrap a gift this holiday season.  We're using 50% of all Nori Lights sales (Dec 14th-18th on NoriLights.com) towards purchasing gifts for the homeless. On Dec. 22-23 we will be distributing the gifts to the homeless community. On Christmas morning a link to the video will be emailed to everyone who made a purchase this week. The video will also be posted on our Facebook page and Youtube channel in hopes of in...

Awesome Customer Videos

We've received some great videos from some of our customers. Take a look below, and please send us photos or videos of your Nori Lights!Check out this awesome video made by two of our customers Lars & Agnes!   This video was sent to us by our customer, David, from Kenosha, WI. This next video was sent to us by Robert in San Diego.   Our customer, Alex, sent us this next video...   We've received many more videos from our customers, and they can be found on Youtube. If you liked to ...
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