Everybody is talking about the Nori Lights

The Nori Lights have made it onto quite a few publications and recommended 4esfgrproduct lists over the last few years. Very proud. Here's a few of them... http://getintomylife.com/best-bike-lights/ http://thechive.com/…/shut-up-and-take-my-money-10-pho…/amp/ https://www.bikeexchange.com/…/best-bicycle-wheel-lights-20… http://coolestfive.com/bicycle-lighting-systems/ http://coolestfive.com/bicycle-lighting-systems-videos/ http://thebiketube.com/…/top-10-bike-light-projects-kicksta…(Nomi...

2017 Gift Giving Event

Thank you to everyone who made a purchase during this event. 100% of sales generated that week went directly towards purchasing gifts for the homeless. Thank you for making this event possible. -Chris Flynn Nori Lights

2017 Gifts for the Homeless Event!

100% of sales placed through NoriLights.com between Dec 15th - 20th will be used to purchase gifts for the homeless this holiday season.  We are taking 100% of all sales made through NoriLights.com from Dec 15th - 20th and we are using that money to buy presents for the homeless. Please join us in the celebrating the joy of giving without purchasing a Nori Lights kit, you can do so with the Gifts For The Homeless gift card. Again, we will use 100% of the purchase price to go directly towards ...

Nori Lights Gift Cards

New Nori Lights Gift Cards - Star Cards include the cost of shipping, making it the perfect gift for those you care about.

50% of all sales between Dec 14th-18th used to give gifts to the homeless

It's time for the 3rd annual Gifts for the Homeless event! Everybody deserves to unwrap a gift this holiday season.  We're using 50% of all Nori Lights sales (Dec 14th-18th on NoriLights.com) towards purchasing gifts for the homeless. On Dec. 22-23 we will be distributing the gifts to the homeless community. On Christmas morning a link to the video will be emailed to everyone who made a purchase this week. The video will also be posted on our Facebook page and Youtube channel in hopes of in...
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