50% of all sales between Dec 14th-18th used to give gifts to the homeless

50% of all sales between Dec 14th-18th used to give gifts to the homeless

It's time for the 3rd annual Gifts for the Homeless event!

Everybody deserves to unwrap a gift this holiday season. 

nori lights christmas gifts for homeless 2015

We're using 50% of all Nori Lights sales (Dec 14th-18th on NoriLights.com) towards purchasing gifts for the homeless.

On Dec. 22-23 we will be distributing the gifts to the homeless community. On Christmas morning a link to the video will be emailed to everyone who made a purchase this week.

The video will also be posted on our Facebook page and Youtube channel in hopes of inspiring more organizations and individuals to do something similar to this event.

Here is a clip from the 2014 Gifts for the Homeless...

Please share this post with anyone and everyone. It's a wonderful opportunity to feel the joy of giving.

Don't know what to give that person that has everything? Consider giving the hottest gift of the year, a Nori Lights Bicycle Illumination system and giving someone who's struggling a reason to smile.

We are one family under the stars. And when we take a moment to show someone else that we care, amazing things can happen.

Three years ago, I was inspired to do this after watching this video on Youtube....

Whether you give through this event by purchasing through us this week, or you do it individually through random acts of kindness, we can all do our part in presenting the world to each other at its best.

When you see an opportunity to create a miracle for someone, jump on it. Be that miracle, and you might be surprised at how much that miracle changes your own world as well.

Please share this with everyone.

Happy Holidays. 

Chris Flynn
Nori Lights

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Truly a generous and noble gesture. I wish I could have purchased between those range of dates, but I will definitely be a part of your 4th annual Gifts for the Homeless event in 2017!

Kiran Trivedi

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