Nori Lights - Support - FAQ - Color Options

What color are the Nori Lights during the day?

The Nori Lights are an off-white color in daylight.

Are there any other colors available besides Green?

We are working on a creating an Aqua Blue version. At this time we cannot provide an accurate or even approximate release date. 


Can I get the Nori Lights in Red?

The reason we don't offer red as an option is, simply, the glow effect just is not bright enough. We have tested many color options, but the fact is that green will always appear the brightest due to how the eye perceives light. The colors we do offer create the "wow" factor and are extremely effective and eye catching. We currently only offer the Nori Lights in Green.


Can I get the Nori Lights in Dark Blue?

Unfortunately, we have not found a way to make Dark Blue glow brightly. Any darker shades of any colors are not going to be seen well at night.


Can I get the Nori Lights in Black?

No. No you cannot.