Nori Lights - Support - FAQ - Installation

For tips and instructions on installing your Nori Lights click here.

The video above is very informative and provides an overview of the installation process as well as some very useful tips.

Below are some of the frequently asked questions that we have received regarding the installation of the Nori Lights.

"I installed the adhesive glow stripes on the side of my tires, but it wont stay sticking to it, it just falls off. Why?"

We do NOT recommend installing the Nori Lights glow stripes on the rubber of the tires. The surface of the tires contains contaminants that are difficult to fully clean off, and will likely weaken the adhesive bond. Plus the surface of the tires are constantly flexing when the bike is in motion, which will also weaken the adhesive bond.

The stripes should be installed on a rigid surface, such as the side of wheels rims. If you have any questions, send us an email at or use the contact form in the bottom corner of your screen. 

"Once I install the glow stripes on my rims, am I able to take them off and transfer to a new bike?"

When the glow stripes are removed after being installed, the adhesive side will not stick to another surface. If you are planning on upgrading your bike soon, we suggest ordering an extra set of our glow stripes along with your order for your Nori Lights. If you have multiple bikes, the Nori Light pods can be easily moved to which ever bike you choose, and you can order an additional set of stripes for installing the Nori Lights Stripes on both bikes.


If I install the stripes on my rims, will it effect braking performance?

If you have a braking system that uses brake pads that contact the rim, then you must confirm that you have at least 1/4 inch of free side-rim-surface where the pad does not contact. Do not place the Nori Glow stripes anywhere on the wheel where it will interfere with the brake system.

We suggest adjusting the brake pad to contact a little higher or lower on the side of the rim which often times will free up enough side rim surface to allow 6mm for your Nori Lights Stripes.

Please note: If you are having any concerns about the installation, we highly recommend that you take your bike and your Nori Lights kit into your local bike shop and ask if someone there could assist you. If you are not a professional or if you do not know what you are doing, any modifications to the braking system could be very dangerous.