Nori Lights - Frequently Asked Questions - Using Nori Lights with Rim Brakes

Using Nori Lights with Rim Brakes - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install Nori Lights on my bike if I have a "rim-braking system"? 

The answer to this question is almost always yes. I have only seen one bike (out of about 1,500 different bikes) that was not fit for the Nori Lights. The other 1499 (approximate) bikes either used disc brakes, a drum or coaster brake, or rim brakes. If your bike has rim brakes, remember that the Nori Lights only need 1/4 inch (or 6mm) of rim space that is not contacted by the brake pad. 

Here is a very short video that gives a couple useful tips for installing your Nori Lights on a bike with rim brakes. 

 If you still have questions or concerns about installing on your bike, I suggest snapping a few photos of your bikes wheels, specifically showing where the brake pad contacts your rims, and then email them to us at

I will then reply to your email with some suggestions and solutions that are customized for  your specific bike and braking system. 

My bicycle uses rim brakes. Will the brake pads damage the Nori Light stripes?

The Nori Lights should always be installed in a location that will not interfere with the braking system. The concern here isn't damaging the stripes, but more importantly, putting anything between your brake pads and your rims may greatly decrease the effectiveness of your brakes and could cause injury. Just remember that you only need 1/4 inch of space on your rims that is not contacted by the brake pad. Almost every rim design has adequate space for installing the Nori Lights. See the short video above for some helpful solutions and tips. 

Here is a drawing illustrating the most common location for mounting the stripes (below)

Image 1 - The side-rim surface


My bike has rim brakes that contact the entire side of my rims. 
How do I install the Nori glow stripes on my bike if I don't have any free (non-braking) rim surface?

We suggest installing your Nori Lights on the beveled edge of your rims (if applicable) or consider replacing your brake pads with a longer, more narrow type of pad. See the video included below for suggestions and tips.

Here is a drawing highlighting the beveled edge (below)

Image 2 - The beveled edge


My bike has rim brakes, but the brake pad only contacts half of the rim. How much side-rim surface is required for installing the Nori Light stripes on the rim?

Basically, your rims need to have just 1/4 inch (or 6 mm) of side-rim surface where a brake pad does not contact.

 If it looks like your brake pad contacts the center of the side of the rim, leaving 1/8 inch untouched above and below the brake pad, you can simply adjust the height of the brake pad itself so that it contacts the rim higher or lower. This will create enough non-braking side-rim space to allow for the Nori Lights stripes to be safely installed. Here is a short video that illustrates this.

Please keep in mind, that if you ordered an extra set of Nori Light stripes, to double up the glow surface on your wheels, then you will need 1/2 inch (or 12mm) of non-braking surface on your rims. Otherwise, if you do not have the 6mm or 12mm of non braking side-rim surface (image 1) available, and your rims do not feature an angled or beveled edge (image 2), then your bike may require our inner rim extension, which currently still in development. We suggest you contact us via email and send some photos of your rims and your braking system, and we will reply with the best solution for your specific wheel style and braking system.


My bike's rims have an angled (or beveled) edge on each side, can I apply the Nori glow stripes on this slanted edge?

Yes. Many rim styles feature an angled or beveled edge. This is a perfect location for mounting the Nori Light stripes. See Image 2.


My bike has "Deep V" style rims. 
Will the Nori Lights work on Deep-V rims?

The Nori Lights work perfectly on bikes with Deep V rims. 
You will have plenty of surface area on the deep V, you may want to take advantage of this surface area by adding additional Nori Light stripes (add-on) to your Nori Lights order. Adding multiple rows of our Nori Lights stripes will double or triple the glow surface area on your wheels, creating a continuous wide-band 'panel' of brightly illuminating surface area lining the contour of your wheels.