Nori Lights - Support - FAQ - Shipping

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we would be honored to ship your Nori Lights to your country.


Does the shipping fee include international import taxes and duty fees?

The buyer is responsible for any taxes or duty fees that are required by their country's customs department.
Import taxes vary from country to country, and some do not charge a tax when you order a product from outside of your country.
It is the buyers responsibility to be aware of the requirements that are imposed on by their government. 
If you do not know if your country's customs department will require a tax for importing this product, we suggest contacting your local customs department or researching it online.


I have been informed that I need to pay a $10 import tax upon delivery. Can you send me another set, but this time write out that it is free on the customs form?

No. This would be highly illegal, immoral, and unpatriotic. This is also a crime that is punishable by prison time and extremely high penalty fees. If you do not feel that an import tax is appropriate, or if you dispute the amount, we recommend you contact your local customs department or government representative with your dispute.