Support - Installing the Nori Lights Stripes

Installing the Nori Lights v.2

Nori Lights Installation Video


Installation Tips

A clean rim surface is very important for the stripes to adhere
and hold. To prep the surface, first start by removing any visible
debris or dirt. This first step is basically getting the rim to be
visually clean. Any road grime or oil stains should be wiped clean.
Soap or a degreaser can be used if needed, but I personally try to
just use a clean microfiber cloth and get it damp with clean water.
But if the dirt build up on the wheel is really bad, soap or degreaser
will make the job easier. Just be sure to thoroughly rinse and wipe
down the rim surface to completely remove the cleaning agent.

If the surface that you will be applying the stripes to is bare metal,
then as a final step for preparing the surface, I suggest giving it a good wipe
down with isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to remove any unseen oils or
. Each Nori Lights system is packaged with 4 small alcohol
swabs. If additional rubbing alcohol is used, it should only be done 
by an adult or under adult supervision.

Using additional rubbing alcohol to prep the rim surfaces:
Be sure you are in a well ventilated area, and always take proper 
precautions when working with rubbing alcohol. It is extremely 
flammable. (Also, do not expose the rubber tires to the isopropyl
alcohol. If the tires come into contact with the rubbing alcohol, 
clean and rinse with a cloth soaked with water, and then wipe dry.)
Pour some rubbing alcohol on a clean cloth and wipe the
the rims thoroughly. From this point, try to not touch the surface 
with bare hands, and even more importantly, be very careful to not 
touch the back (sticky side) of the stripes while installing them.

If the surface is not bare metal, but instead has a painted or clear
coat, then prior to wiping with rubbing alcohol, I may take some fine
grit sand paper and very gently touch it to the surface and rotate the
wheel so that the sand paper produces a faint haze on the surface.
The purpose of this step is to create some microscopic scratches 
along the surface of the top coat (usually a clear coat). We don't 
want to cut through it, just lightly graze it. The slight appearance
of a haze is from hundreds of tiny shallow scratches, which will 
create more surface area for the adhesive to bond to, and will 
act like little teeth to the back of the Nori Lights Stripes.

Then from here, I will continue with the alcohol wipe and remove any
and all remaining oils, and also remove any dust or debris that was
left on the surface after sanding.

Now the surface is well prepped.

When applying the stripes, it is important to be aware of how tight
the stripes are being "wrapped" along the side of the rim. If the
stripes are pulled too tight while being pressed against the side of
the rims
, almost slightly stretched, then over the next 24 hours, while
they adhesive should be curing to the rim surface, the stripes may
contract, causing it to actually lift off the rim in some parts. Try to not
pull on the stripes too much while installing them. The stripe itself
should be as relaxed as possible.

It is very important to keep the Nori Light Stripes dry for the first
24 hours 
after installing them. This will allow the adhesive to "cure"
or bond to the surface. After the first 24 hours has passed, your stripes
will withstand severe weather conditions including temperatures 
between -20 and 200 degrees (F).