Tail Light Installation Tips

Snoop Dogg's Installation Tips*

If you ordered resistors with your Infinity FX tail lights, follow these steps to simplify your installation. 

First, install the tail lights without the resistors. 
If a light does not turn on, this means the plug was connected upside down. Simply disconnect, rotate 180 degrees and reconnect it. 
You can ensure your plugging it in correctly by identifying the side of the connector that has the black wire. Connect them so that the black wire on the plug is connecting to the black wire on the socket. If they are installed upside down, it will not damage anything. The lights will just not function properly until they are oriented correctly. 

Once all 4 tail lights are installed and working properly, proceed to connect the resistors (if applicable), one at a time, and continue to be mindful of the black wire at each connection point. 


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 *Snoops voice was generated using A.I. Nori Lights has no affiliation with Snoop Dogg. This video/audio is simply a parody to make receiving this information more enjoyable.