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Electric LCD Tint (Switchable)

Electric LCD Tint (Switchable)

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Electric LCD Tint is a privacy window film that can be switched on (transparent) and off (opaque) electronically with a remote control. 

1x Roll of Electric LCD Tint (2x1 meters)
Power Supply/Inverter
Remote Control

Electric LCD Tint Available in black/dark grey or white/light grey.

Electric LCD Tint is a multilayer film that is applied to your cars window similarly to traditional window. The outside layers act as transparent insulators which cover two transparent conductive layers. In between the conductive layers is a liquid crystal layer. In it’s resting state, the liquid crystals are in a scattered arrangement which diffuses light. When a current is applied the liquid crystals snap into alignment, allowing light to pass through. 

When you walk up to your vehicle, the windows are solid (opaque), preventing anyone from seeing inside. When the car is turned on, or when activated via the remote control, the windows become transparent.

In addition to the remote control, if your vehicle has a programmable garage door button, it can be easily programmed to control the electric window tint to act as a toggle button, turning it off and on. 

Installation is relatively easy, but if you’re not familiar with installing automotive electronics or basic wiring (like installing a stereo) then it is highly recommended you take the kit to your local car stereo store and have them install it.

White/light grey film offers higher transparency when energized. 

Black/Dark Grey film does not become as transparent when energized. 

Please allow 3 weeks for delivery of the Electric Tint systems. Due to the cost of manufacturing this product, we only receive stock/inventory once per month. 

If you have any questions, please let us know. You can contact us through the chat feature located in the lower right of this website, or use the contact form which is enabled using the button in the lower left of this site.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is it safe to cut this film to the shape of my windows?

Of course.  Obviously the tint must NOT be powered on when cutting! But this material can be cut to just about any shape. Just be sure to use good sharp scissors, because you want to cut it, not crush it. And the contact leads have already been installed on the long sides of this film to help make installation even easier!

Can this be installed on the windshield?

Answer: No, the Electric Tint must never be installed on the windshield. Doing so is extremely dangerous. If your vehicle ever experiences an unexpected electrical problem, the power to your tint could be cut off, preventing you from being able to see out the windshield. Therefor it is a basic rule with this material to never install on your windshield.

Can the Electric Tint be installed on the rear window?

Answer: This depends mainly on the shape of the glass. Some cars have a semi dome shaped rear window. This would likely not work on that window. Unlike traditional window tint film, electric tint film can not be heated and shrunk to fit the curvature of a domed window.

If the rear window on your vehicle is fairly flat, or curves more like a shallow arch, then this electric tint will install fine on that window. However, read the next answer for a suggestion.

How many windows will this kit cover?

This depends on the size of your vehicles windows, but we have intended to offer this as a kit for installing only on the front driver and passenger side windows. 

This is a premium quality product, manufactured with out cutting costs on shortcuts or cheap components or materials. It’s made to last a long time, and be dependable with consistent operation and performance.

Since most states allow for the rear and two rear side windows to be tinted dark, we suggest going with a traditional non electric tint on the back 3 windows, and just install the Electric Tint to just the two drivers and passenger side front windows. 

On the 5th Gen Camaro, for example, the rear side windows are very very small. This makes installation a bit more difficult and once installed the switching effect is not very noticeable because of the small window size. 

When the film is switched off (opaque) can the occupants of the vehicle still view outside, by looking through the tint in it’s “off” state?

Answer: No, when the film is switched off, visibility is blocked in both directions. 

Is this street legal?

You’ll have to check on the laws established in your area, as legal restrictions can vary state to state. 



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