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Nori Lights

Extra Nori Light Green Stripes for 2 wheels (Stripes Only)

Extra Nori Light Green Stripes for 2 wheels (Stripes Only)

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This bundle includes enough to install on each side of two wheels. 

Extra Nori Light Green Stripes - This is great If you already ordered your Nori Lights and you want to double up the glow surface on your wheels, or if you have two bikes and want to be able to use your Nori Lights™ on either of them.

To fit the Nori Lights on your rims, you only need to have 1/4 inch (or 6 mm) of side-rim-surface that is not contacted by the brake pad. For more information about using the Nori Lights on bikes with a "rim braking system" check out our Frequently Asked Questions section on our Support page. If you have 1/2 inch (or 12 mm) or more of side-rim surface that is not used for braking, then we recommend getting an extra roll of stripes and installing them both in two rows, side by side, to create an extra wide glowing surface. This video will show the durability of the stripes when drenched in water. The Nori Light Stripes are rated to perform consistently, even in extreme temperatures, from -20 degrees (f) and up to 200 degrees (f). If you have any questions, please let us know. Thank you. If you are not sure how the roll of stripes will bend to the curve of your wheels, take a look at this video to see a demonstration of how easy it is to work with the Nori Lights Stripes.
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